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michael kors outlet online In addition, the global same store sales grew only 16.4%, did not achieve the expected 19%, but also significantly less than 24.2% of the first quarter. But in its largest market in North America, only sales growth of 10.8%, far from the last quarter of 18.7%. cheap michael kors purses In 2011, in NYSE listed Michael kors pursue development plan is: to do high-end fashion brand, but also take into account the mass, because only do "democracy" to sell. Compared with the luxury, the more easily acceptable price to become Kors Michael in the global luxury market is still the most important reason for the rapid expansion of the weak. michael kors cheap

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cheap michael kors bags For the upcoming February 2015 third quarter earnings report, Kors Michael expects total revenue will be $two -13 billion in 1270000000 digit growth. November, Kors Michael, chairman and CEO D.Idol John and Wall Street analysts held a conference call, said, certainly the traffic flow of the mall. We have seen in the past few quarters, but it in the quarter than we expected more significantly, we do have to increase the flow of the same store, it just failed to reach as high as our initial expectations. " michael kors bags

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cheap michael kors outlet Light luxury consumption rise and social patterns of relating, in the book the M-type society "of the Japanese management scholars Ohmae said, globalization, the" middle class "will disappear, many people become for the middle and lower income groups, and these people and a bit more" luxury ", so" can bear affordable luxury "is the mainstream of future consumption. The price is generally considered to be appropriate for around $300.. This is the originator of inside Coach, the North American market was "king of $300". michael kors outlet store